The Discovery Management Platform for Discovery Intelligence

HaystackID Core, a discovery management platform for discovery intelligence, is a robust suite of software, platform, and infrastructure services combining HaystackID Discovery Intelligence with best-of-breed technology, security, and privacy platforms, processes, and protocols to deliver complete eDiscovery capabilities without upfront or additional investments in hardware, software, and support personnel.

Designed to provide the appropriate eDiscovery power and precision to corporations, law firms, and consultancies, HaystackID Core has three primary offerings.

  1. HaystackID Core Standard (SaaS, PaaS)
  2. HaystackID Core Plus (PaaS, IaaS)
  3. HaystackID Managed Core (Tasks, Projects, Programs)
HaystackID 3 Core Offerings
HaystackID Core Standard

Available as either a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, Core Standard allows users to address three targeted eDiscovery challenges:

  1. Core Collect (Interrogate, Index, Preserve, and Collect)
  2. Core Discover (Ingest and Process)
  3. Core Review (Analyze and Review)

HaystackID Core Standard Offerings







You can think of HaystackID Core Standard as your eDiscovery technology platform with capabilities to help you solve and manage targeted collection, discovery, and review challenges with a dedicated and hosted platform from HaystackID. You can access the HaystackID Core Standard offerings either individually (SaaS) or as a collective group of services (PaaS), based on the level of configuration and customization desired to support your specific cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery requirements.

HaystackID Core Plus

Available as either a hosted or on-premise offering, Core Plus combines Core Standard capabilities with dedicated storage and networking infrastructure to deliver a private, protected, and secure data center experience with access to the full range of HaystackID Core applications and technologies through a PaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) implementation.

  1. Core Plus Hosted (PaaS)
  2. Core Plus On-Premise (IaaS)

HaystackID Core Plus Offerings





You can think of HaystackID Core Plus as being your own eDiscovery data center with a full range of applications and management tools that HaystackID can manage through a hosting agreement or an on-premise management agreement as a PaaS (hosted public or private cloud) or IaaS (on-premise) offering.

HaystackID Managed Core

Dedicated HaystackID managed services beyond Core Standard and Core Plus that can augment, complement, or conduct specific tasks, help accomplish and manage projects, and manage complete eDiscovery programs.

  1. Managed Core for Tasks: Execute specific tasks. (Outsourced Personnel to Support Task Accomplishment)
  2. Managed Core for Projects: Execute and manage combined tasks as part of a project or group of projects. (Outsourced Personnel and Supervisors to Execute and Manage Projects)
  3. Managed Core for Programs: Manage a project or group of projects as part of a complete eDiscovery program. (Outsourced Program Manager)

HaystackID Managed Core Offerings







You can think of HaystackID Managed Core as providing you with your own dedicated eDiscovery team that can help manage tasks, projects, and programs for any of your eDiscovery requirements.

Approach to eDiscovery

Traditional Approaches to eDiscovery

Traditional approaches to eDiscovery sourcing and support run the gambit from specific support for targeted tasks to complete managed support across the entire spectrum of eDiscovery-centric services. Characteristics of a traditional approach to eDiscovery include:

Given these characteristics, even in the best of circumstances, there may be efficiency, economic, and security reasons to consider new approaches to sourcing eDiscovery. HaystackID Core, the discovery management platform for discovery intelligence, is a unique and innovative way to consider sourcing eDiscovery. It provides a way to augment, complement, or even replace key eDiscovery capabilities with the best available technologies, proven experts, and predictable pricing; all focused on supporting your ability to drive positive legal, business, and technology outcomes in audits, investigations, and litigation.

The HaystackID Core Approach to eDiscovery

Primary characteristics of the HaystackID Core approach to eDiscovery include but are not limited to:

Example best-of-breed technologies* currently available as part of HaystackID Core offerings include:
  • Relativity and RelativityOne
  • Relativity Analytics
  • Nuix Data Discovery
  • Nuix Investigate
  • Reveal
  • Reveal Brainspace
  • ReviewRight® ProtectTM (Cyber Discovery)
  • ReviewRight®  Virtual®  (Remote Review)

*Representative Listing of Available Solutions

HaystackID Core Best-of-Breed Technologies
Creative Approaches and Benefits Enabled by HaystackID Core

The accessibility, predictability, and security delivered by the HaystackID Core provide legal departments and law firms with the flexibility to structure the business of eDiscovery to support internal and external business models ranging from internal cost recovery to external revenue generation.

From data creation through defensible data disposition and cyber discovery to legal document review, HaystackID Core provides the accessibility, predictability, and security you need to reach the privacy, compliance, risk, or legal high-ground first in sensitive investigations, cases, and matters.

About HaystackID®

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms securely find, understand, and learn from data when facing complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. HaystackID mobilizes industry-leading cyber discovery services, enterprise solutions, and legal discovery offerings to serve more than 500 of the world’s leading corporations and law firms in North America and Europe. Serving nearly half of the Fortune 100, HaystackID is an alternative cyber and legal services provider that combines expertise and technical excellence with a culture of white-glove customer service. In addition to consistently being ranked by Chambers USA, the company was recently named a worldwide leader in eDiscovery services by IDC MarketScape and a representative vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions. Further, HaystackID has achieved SOC 2 Type II attestation in the five trust service areas of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. For more information about its suite of services, including programs and solutions for unique legal enterprise needs, go to


HaystackID Discovery Intelligence transforms how cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals consider the practice and process of discovering electronically stored information. By synergistically harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, the precision of data science, the power of machine learning, and the practicality of expertly trained and managed reviewers, HaystackID Discovery Intelligence delivers insight and intelligence that allows you to reach decision points faster and more economically than previously possible.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is owned, delivered, and managed remotely by HaystackID.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a type of cloud offering from HaystackID that delivers application infrastructure (middleware) capabilities as a service.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a standardized, highly automated offering in which computing resources owned by HaystackID, complemented by storage and networking capabilities, are offered to customers on demand. Available from HaystackID as either a hosted or on-premise offering.

On-Premise Deployment is the deployment and availability of software, hardware, storage, and networking equipment necessary to support an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution at a designated customer location. Available from HaystackID as part of a HaystackID Core Plus offering.

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