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HaystackID strives to be an industry leader not only in the delivery of specialized eDiscovery services but also in the way in which we serve our community as corporate citizens. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of the HaystackID culture, which seeks to inspire every individual to become greater in all aspects of their life and work. HaystackID truly seeks to Inspire Greater.

As part of our focus to Inspire Greater, HaystackID’s corporate responsibility spans the spectrum of activities ranging from our dedicated efforts to diversity and inclusion to our commitment to serving the underserved through our pro bono training and support programs. From sustainability to respect, and privacy to personal rights, we challenge you to work with us as we seek to Inspire Greater.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Striving for Positive Change

It is very difficult to speak about injustice, inequality, and inaction regarding race, diversity, and inclusion at a level of concern and compassion these topics deserve. It is even more difficult not to speak out on these issues as they impact the fabric of our civilization, country, and company. HaystackID considers diversity and inclusion as cornerstones of our core values and we deeply sympathize and empathize with those adversely impacted by both recent events and recurring challenges due to injustice, inequality, and inaction. We are and remain committed to treating all individuals with respect, integrity, and compassion and encourage everyone we meet, everyone we touch, and everyone we influence to join us as we strive to be part of positive change. This change is essential for all of us.

-Hal Brooks, CEO, HaystackID

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Celebrating Freedom

A Statement from the CEO

HaystackID celebrates Juneteenth (June 19th). Juneteenth marks the date in 1865 that slaves in Texas, still enslaved two-and-a-half years after signing the Emancipation Proclamation, were finally officially freed. As we strive to continue to work together to achieve racial equality, celebrating Juneteenth reflects our ongoing commitment to fostering a more diverse and inclusive culture. We believe it is an integral part of celebrating freedom, justice, and equality for Black Americans.

-Hal Brooks, CEO, HaystackID

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Community Pride

A Statement from the CEO

HaystackID is committed to the equal rights and inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. We celebrate the diversity of our company and the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month and every day of the year.

-Hal Brooks, CEO, HaystackID

Standing Against Hate

A Statement from the CEO

The rise in violence against Asian Americans during the pandemic and the recent killings in Georgia are extremely disturbing and saddening. As we have for all of our diverse colleagues, HaystackID stands with the Asian American community, and we condemn discrimination, racism, and violence of any kind. We have signed NAPABA’s ‘Stand Against Hate’ declaration and will continue to take a stand against violence.

-Hal Brooks, CEO, HaystackID

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HaystackID is committed to promoting sustainability in all of our organizational efforts. This commitment is based on our desire to comply and exceed, where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations, and codes of practice that focus on meeting corporate needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own needs. HaystackID sustainability efforts are organized around four core sustainability areas. Those areas being environmental, social, economic, and human areas of sustainability. From the conservation of our ecological ecosystem to the development of our human resources, HaystackID’s commitment to sustainability is part of our planning, participation, and promotion to Inspire Greater.

Pro Bono Training & Support

HaystackID’s new program codifies ongoing volunteer initiatives into a structured pro bono approach that provides qualified corporations, law firms, and governmental entities access to eDiscovery training and support without fee or expectation. Leveraging a recently announced Corporate Consulting Program along with a portfolio of Forensics First, Early Case Insight, and ReviewRight services, the HaystackID Pro Bono Training and Support Program is available today for qualified applicants.

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