Next-Generation Managed Review with ReviewRight®

HaystackID® Global Managed Review services powered by ReviewRight® offer the most comprehensive solutions for selecting, staffing, and supporting complex, high-velocity legal document reviews.

Developed in 2011, ReviewRight is the company’s proprietary AI-enabled technology for analyzing, matching, managing, and supporting clients and reviewers during data and legal discovery document reviews, regardless of the time, language, or location. With over 3,500 remote review matters and second requests completed globally and a network of more than 27,000 global attorneys within the ReviewRight platform, HaystackID provides the industry’s most powerful global solution for managed review.


Proprietary technology for document review selection, staffing, and support.


Over 3,500 completed global
review matters.


Network of 27,000+
global attorneys.

Ensuring clients receive the best fit for their matters, ReviewRight is the industry’s most powerful global solution for managed review.

Unparalleled Technology for Unequaled Results

With the industry’s most advanced and proven platform for managing and supporting document review needs globally, HaystackID and its ReviewRight offerings have served many Fortune 100 and AMLAW 100 companies since 2011. With expertise in 107 practice areas/industries, 14 software products/technology, 14 roles/responsibilities, and 27 foreign languages, the collective experience and knowledge of the HaystackID Global Managed Review services team, coupled with AI-enabled technology and industry-acknowledged client support, makes HaystackID not only the first choice but the best choice for organizations seeking to rapidly translate their review needs from planning into action and from action into positive outcomes.


Experience in 107 practice areas/industries.


Expertise in 14 software applications.


NPS score of 100
in 2022.

HaystackID is not only the first choice but also the best choice for organizations seeking to rapidly translate their review needs from planning into action and from action into positive outcomes.

Comprehensive Services for Complete Review Needs

HaystackID’s Global Managed Review services include ten offerings that help deliver capabilities to support the depth, breadth, and time requirements of complex high-velocity reviews. With over 12 years of experience (review data), including millions of review hours and tens of millions of coded documents, these offerings span the spectrum of selecting, sourcing, and supporting managed secure remote reviews worldwide.


10 Global Managed Review ReviewRight Services.


4,000,000+ review hours
managed by HaystackID.


150,000,000+ documents
coded by HaystackID.

Experience HaystackID’s transformative and exclusive power to take your document review process to the next level.

ReviewRight Powered Services from HaystackID

Complemented by HaystackID Global Advisory, HaystackID Discovery Intelligence, and HaystackID Core™, HaystackID Global Managed Review services provide expert talent and advanced technology for next-generation review.

About HaystackID

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that supports law firms and corporate legal departments and has increased its offerings and expanded with five acquisitions since 2018. Its core offerings now include Global Advisory, Discovery Intelligence, HaystackID Core™, and artificial intelligence-enhanced Global Managed Review services powered by ReviewRight®. The company has achieved ISO 27001 compliance and completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit for all five trust principles for the second year in a row. Repeatedly recognized as a trusted service provider by prestigious publishers such as Chambers, Gartner, IDC, and The National Law Journal, HaystackID implements innovative cyber discovery services, enterprise solutions, and legal discovery offerings to leading companies across North America and Europe, all while providing best-in-class customer service and prioritizing security, privacy, and integrity. For more information about its suite of services, including programs and solutions for unique legal enterprise needs, please visit

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