Next-Generation Managed Review with ReviewRight® from HaystackID®

HaystackID® offers Global Managed Review services powered by ReviewRight®, the company’s proprietary technology that assesses and vets document review attorneys. Developed in 2011, ReviewRight is the industry’s gold standard for analyzing and matching document review skill sets to a client’s needs, ensuring clients receive the best fit for their matters. The technology assesses not only a reviewer’s ability to analyze matter details and speed accurately but also matches their background and knowledge skills to the requirements of the matter, such as subject matter expertise, domain knowledge, and language fluency. With over 3,500 remote review matters and second requests completed globally and a network of more than 27,000 global attorneys within the ReviewRight platform, HaystackID provides the industry’s most powerful Global Solution for Managed Review. With the ability to augment internal resources, save time and cost, and allow for scalability, ReviewRight Match AI is an indispensable tool for professionals in the cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery fields to ensure optimized and ongoing selection, staffing, and support for complex and high-velocity legal document reviews.


Proprietary technology for document review attorney assessment.


3,500 Global Review Matters


27,000 Network of Attorneys

Ensuring clients receive the best fit for their matters, ReviewRight is the industry’s most powerful global solution for managed review.

ReviewRight Match AI: Unparalleled Technology for Reviewer Ranking and Selection

As part of HaystackID’s Global Managed Review services, ReviewRight Match AI is the industry’s most advanced document reviewer ranking and selection technology powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. With over 12 years of review data, including millions of review hours and tens of millions of coded documents, our proprietary learning algorithm leverages the latest AI technology to evaluate over 25,000 tested, qualified, certified, and continuously graded candidates from around the world.


12 Years Review Data


4,000,000+ Review Hours


150,000,000+ Coded Documents

Using a plethora of data points, ReviewRight Match AI provides an objective rank score for each candidate, considering their domain/industry expertise, legal practice area proficiency, education, background, language proficiency, review experience, coding speed, and accuracy by task. The advanced AI technology ensures the achievement of highly skilled and tailored review teams for every client and project, regardless of the industry, practice area, type of litigation, language, review platform, or review tasks.

With ReviewRight Match AI, you can trust that you are using the most advanced technology available to find the most highly specialized and qualified document reviewers. Experience the unparalleled results of our advanced artificial intelligence and take your document review process to the next level.

ReviewRight Match AI is the industry’s most advanced document reviewer ranking and selection technology and is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Tired Approaches. Tiring Results.

Tired of document review service providers placing reviewers on your project based solely on their availability and limited to certain locations? At HaystackID, things are done differently and better.

HaystackID ReviewRight Match AI is Different. And Better.

HaystackID’s ReviewRight Match AI uses a proprietary algorithm to assess every candidate’s document review abilities, background, education, and experience from the moment they enter the HaystackID ReviewRight ecosystem. HaystackID also takes pride in being the pioneer of remote review with our 12-year-old ReviewRight Virtual offering, a secure offering that allows the recruitment of reviewers from all over the world. By expanding candidate pools, HaystackID can hire the best reviewers with the highest qualifications, ensuring the best review experts for every matter.

Don’t settle for mediocre reviewers based on availability and location limitations. With the power of ReviewRight Match AI, you can access the best reviewers in the world.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology Most Specialized and Best Qualified Reviewers Unparalleled Selection and Sourcing Results

Don’t settle for mediocre reviewers based on availability and location limitations. Leverage Match AI from HaystackID.

Technology Matters. The Right Technology Matters More.

With the industry’s most advanced document review and selection technology, ReviewRight Match provides clients with significant benefits for selecting, sourcing, and supporting complex and high-velocity reviews.

Higher-Performance Reviews and Better Quality

  • ReviewRight Match ensures that the best reviewers are selected for a project
  • Accelerated learning curves and greater coding accuracy due to comprehension of industry-specific jargon and legal claims and defenses
  • Accurate key/hot document identification for understanding case strengths and weaknesses and legal arguments

Achieve Significant Cost Savings

  • Tailored review teams lead to faster and more accurate coding
  • Significant cost savings due to fast and efficient reviews
  • More accurate review budget estimate ranges based on actual review data and experience

Complete More with Fewer Resources

  • Reviews completed in shorter time frames than competitors and with fewer reviewers
  • Improved quality of reviewers leads to more efficient reviews
  • Faster and more accurate coding leads to a more streamlined review process

Rapid Assembly of Review Teams and Higher Rates of Reviewer Retention

  • Efficient sourcing of teams leads to lower attrition rates and higher engagement
  • Background and experience are tailored to each project, resulting in more interest and engagement
  • Fewer reviewers withdraw from projects, resulting in more streamlined review processes and increased productivity

Seamless Integration with All ReviewRight Services

  • ReviewRight Match AI is seamlessly integrated with all other ReviewRight services
  • Provides comprehensive support for document review needs
  • Advanced technology allows for a more streamlined and efficient review process across all ReviewRight services

Four Core Elements of ReviewRight Match AI

1. Qualification

HaystackID believes document review is a skill and tests for it with the proprietary ReviewRight Test Assessment. The assessment scores candidates on relevant data points like speed, accuracy, relevance, issue spotting, and privilege, giving objective insight into their legal review capabilities.

HaystackID believes that document review is a skill.

2. Identification

To become a ReviewRight Certified document reviewer, candidates build their profiles in the ReviewRight candidate portal. The portal asks them to describe their past projects, practice areas, industries, software, tasks, roles, duration, technology, and language, allowing HaystackID to understand the candidate and assemble the best-tailored review team for each project.

Reviewers are classified based on their expertise in 107 practice areas/industries, 14 software products, 27 languages, and 14 review tasks/roles to allow for the assembling of a tailored review team for each project with the highest level of expertise, knowledge, proficiency, and skills.

Reviewers perform faster and are more accurate on projects when their backgrounds and experience align with the project.


107 Practice Areas


14 Software Applications


27 Languages


14 Review Tasks/Roles

3. Screens

HaystackID recruiters conduct thorough and meaningful interviews with each candidate to determine their ideal placement. Focusing on their abilities, where they want to go, and what they want to achieve, HaystackID can expertly place candidates in situations where they will succeed.

HaystackID recruiters conduct meaningful interviews with each candidate to determine their ideal placement.

4. Certifications

Reviewers are evaluated and rated on their performance after every project based on coding accuracy, review speed, attendance, communication skills, and more. In addition, they must pass ReviewRight certifications to be promoted to higher-level roles, ensuring top-quality candidates at all levels of review teams.

After every HaystackID project, all reviewers are evaluated and rated on their performance based on a three-factor scale to determine their five-point rating.

Next-Generation Managed Review from HaystackID.

Complemented by HaystackID Global Advisory, HaystackID Discovery Intelligence, and HaystackID Core®, HaystackID Global Managed Review provides expert talent and advanced technology for next-generation review.

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