The First Choice and Best Choice for Foreign Language Document Review Services

With a proven reputation for mobilizing attorney document review experts and advanced review technologies, ReviewRight’s services accelerate and deliver quality document review outcomes regardless of language and location requirements, simplifying review for you and your organization.

HaystackID has extensive experience in supporting multinational and multilingual review projects. To achieve proficiency in delivering expert foreign language review outcomes, HaystackID employs a combination of proprietary technology, innovative evaluation tools and proven processes to allow for the rapid and comprehensive sourcing, testing, and qualification of reviewers who are not only legal review experts, but experts at reviewing documents in common and less common business languages.

Fast and Efficient

HaystackID can put together a qualified, efficient, and cost-effective review team, supporting the language or languages you require, in a matter of hours. This capability allows project leaders to quickly focus on the review of ESI rather than concentrating on the usually required, time-consuming and challenging sourcing and analysis of foreign language reviewers.

Key Benefits of ReviewRight Translate

  • Qualified Legal Document Reviewers
    Access to legal document review experts with domain expertise in the areas required by your specific matter. This provides you with the expertise you need to quickly and efficiently achieve positive review outcomes.
  • Seamless Integration With All ReviewRight Services
    Access to a full suite of review services beyond ReviewRight Translate including ReviewRight Manage, ReviewRight Match, ReviewRight Automate, ReviewRight Virtual. This provides you with a full review capability beyond translation to support the entire breadth and depth of your review effort regardless of location, data reduction requirements, and case-specific expertise requirements.
  • Tested Language-Appropriate Review Expertise
    Access not only to expert document reviewers, but to reviewers who have demonstrated language fluency required by your foreign language document review needs. This provides you the depth of understanding you need to translate insight into intelligence and intelligence into positive review outcomes.
  • Full Integration with All HaystackID Services
    Access to a complete suite of eDiscovery services to include computer forensics and early case insight technology and talent. This provides you with full-service eDiscovery capability from data collection through legal document review managed by one provider that is dedicated to your achievement of positive outcomes.
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