ReviewRight Match®

ReviewRight Match® sets the standard for document review staffing, enablement, and support through the application of a combination of proprietary technologies, innovative evaluation tools, and proven protocols that allow for the rapid and comprehensive sourcing, testing, and qualification of reviewers. This ReviewRight process enables us to present to clients those individuals who are not only legal review experts, but review experts with the appropriate domain expertise, proper language skills, and necessary responsibility experience to accomplish the specific review tasks required in your review requirement.

Core Selection Program Elements

Highly Skilled, Targeted Review Teams

Once review candidates successfully navigate this selection program and are certified as ReviewRight reviewers, they are further classified based on practice area expertise, language knowledge, role experience, and task skills. This allows for the assembling of targeted review teams with the highest level of expertise, knowledge, proficiency, and skills for each review project.

Key Benefits of ReviewRight Match

  • Confidence in the Capability of Reviewers
    The comprehensive ReviewRight selection process ensures that the individuals recommended for your review project are the very best available reviewers for your specific needs, not just the best reviewers available.
  • Speed in the Assembly of Review Teams
    The robust catalog of ReviewRight certified reviewers developed from a comprehensive selection process augmented with a detailed classification of expertise, knowledge, experience, and task skills, allows you to quickly and efficiently source appropriate reviewers for your specific needs.
  • High-Performance Review Capability
    The detailed assessment of review backgrounds and experience coupled with objective testing and evaluation metrics ensure that your review team not only performs but performs at the very highest level possible.
  • Seamless Integration with All ReviewRight Services
    Access to a complete suite of review services beyond ReviewRight Match provides you with a full review capability beyond sourcing of reviewers to support the entire breadth and depth of your review effort regardless of location, data reduction requirements, and case-specific expertise requirements.
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