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The journey of success is not easy but seems very interesting to them who are confident and responsible for their birth as a human being. There is no place or field without a struggle, somewhere extremely tough somewhere a bit easier but, the struggle is an integral part of a successfully lived life. There are lives in different forms and status but becoming an ideal for the entire contemporary world and all the fore-coming generations makes a simple life, a legend. Everyone is born and destined to die a day for sure but, very few of them live even after their death.

The intelligence of an intellect never goes waste if that goes through a proper and strategic training. Zeal of doing different and more proudfull than others are not the dreams but objectives of them who believe in a real and pure life. Who become immortal forever because of their unparallel deeds which spreads a fragrance of success and self building among all.

Meanwhile one more and parallel fact works that, to become like the foresaid it is a must to obtain a perfect and proper guidance. Because a talent or a quality is like an uncut diamond which becomes precious only when polished. We CEC (COMPETITIVE EXCELLENCE CENTRE) have a very clear objective to shape and polish those uncut diamonds. We are oathed to encourage and uplift the qualities or intelligence who are still in dark ages of lack of information and who even do not know that what to do to get a right career not just a job.

Competitive exams have ever been a kind of unclear fact for most of the people who are devoid of the contemporary information tools like the actual resources, media, IT and personal guidance. Everyone wants to be there in a government sector where the entire career or life can be planned in advance with a guarantee of stability. But unfortunately they do not know what all career options inn government sectors are there for them and how to reach there. And that’s why due lack of the proper information they get their lives spoilt for nothing.

India is one of the topmost human resources countries in the world. The intelligence seen here is rare anywhere else. But this all cannot encourage our growth rate just because of the proper guidelines to our youth at right time i.e. the time of their career establishment.

CEC is there to serve and contribute in the up gradation of our human resource and the national economy in terms of quality development and perfect professionals building.

The journey of CEC was started 16 years back by an ordinary but extraordinary talented and courageous individual Mr. Abhishek Kumar in 1997. Mr. Kumar was determined with no deviation to contribute his all to the world of education. And since then he has been doing and giving his best to the same world. He has been a well known name for the students who were financially and socially challenged and who were not able to come up or get their exploration. He did not hesitate to take a challenge of shaping the career of the people who had lost all their good hopes of living a normal civilian life with honour and dignity. Where on one hand other teachers and educational bodies did not accept them due to a fear of being defamed or losing their repo meanwhile Mr. Kumar not just holded those alone and wondering hands but also encouraged and developed a confidence of doing something remarkable in their lives.

CEC in Maharashtra is also an effort of Mr. Abhishek Kumar of removing the misconception about civil services and a sense of considering it to be very tough or close to impossible among the common intellects. Maharashtra has ever been a land of merits and intelligence. Students and youths of Maharashtra are no how inferior in any terms but just because of the lack of the proper information and transparent guidelines, most of them have compromised with their existing challenges and circumstances. CEC aims to change the same situation by making maximum number of youths be there in UPSC and MPSC like career on the basis of their own merits. Youths of Maharashtra needs nothing but a proper guidance a hand that can show them the way and mechanism of success.

Being there in UPSC or MPSC services is not so easy that’s true but not impossible and CEC has come to make that easily possible with the help of its unparallel and incredible teaching and training programme. All the training and teaching programmes of CEC are full of real scenario practices. We do work on every individual’s personality and intelligence to make them through the exams effortlessly by conducting a global personality development programme. CEC also works on the communicational development of every candidate or aspirants devoid of the fact whether they need that for their particular exams or not; by providing them global professional communication training. CEC arranges small batches so that every individual’s growth and progress can be monitored and guided properly. We are determined to bring awareness among people who are talented but living a compromised and compressed life and ignoring their right ways of getting a genuine career. We polish an uncut diamond of talent so that every educated must get his/her natural right of living a successful life and become a significant contributor to the growth of nation and become an inspiration for the people who have been deprived of the right to education and right to live genuinely.

CEC welcomes and wishes all the best to every aware educated and responsible talents.
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